Physiotherapy Treatment

Services We Offer

Paediatric Physiotherapy:  
Acute respiratory conditions eg. asthma or pneumonia, neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy

Women's Health Physiotherapy: 
Pre & Post-natal training, lower back pain during pregnancy, urinary incontinence

Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy:  
Sprain injuries, nerve pain, headaches, pain & stiffness from arthritic conditions, neck & back pain

Neurological Rehabilitation Physiotherapy:
Multiple sclerosis, Stroke, Parkinson's disease, Motor neuron disease, Spinal cord injuries

Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Physiotherapy: 
Acute respiratory conditions eg. asthma or pneumonia, COPD, Heart surgery, Pulmonary surgery

Older Persons Physiotherapy: 
Fractures, falls, Osteoporosis, Different kinds of arthritis, Acute or chronic respiratory conditions

Dry Needling Physiotherapy: 
Muscle spasm, Muscle pain & dysfunction, Sinus trouble, Headaches, Certain nerve problems

Sports Physiotherapy: 
Muscle sprains & strains, Ligament sprains, Fractures, Joint injuries, Dislocations of joints

Equipment We Use/Supply

  • Lymphastim: A specialised piece of equipment that few practices have. Used for various conditions including lymphoedema, post-liposuction care, cellulite reduction and detoxification.
  • Ice packs: For icing and relieving sore muscles and reduce swelling.
  • Laser: For healing of tissue/wounds (e.g. cracked nipples), inflammation, trigger-point relief.
  • Baby Vac: A safe device for use on babies for clearing secretions and blocked airways.
  • K-tape: Strapping used to support joints and muscles.
  • Tens Machine: For pain relief and to stimulate strained/weak muscles.
  • Ultrasound: For healing of tissue (eg. engorged breasts), reduction of swelling and inflammation, pain relief.
  • Breathing Apparatus: Various devices designed to improve breathing by clearing secretions and increasing the volume and capacity of the lungs.
  • Bean bags: For warming, relaxing and soothing painful areas.
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